Corner House
    Dickensian Festival
    Saturday 1st- Sunday 9th December 2018 In an exciting change to the traditional schedule, for two full weekends, Grassington travels back in time for the annual Dickensian Festival. Visitors are treated to a glorious array of sights, tastes and smells from a bygone era. The village and streets come alive with a traditional market with shopkeepers and villagers dressed in Victorian costume.
  2. Grassington Festival
    Grassington Festival
    21st - 30th June 2018 For ten days in June each year, Grassington comes alive in a myriad of colours and creativity as artists, bands, art enthusiasts and local people collaborate to entertain and inspire with unusual and unique live performances. .
  3. 1940's Weekend
    1940's Weekend
    Friday 13th-Sunday 15th September 2019 The weekend gets off to a sensational start with music on the Friday evening. Then on Saturday and Sunday, ride in on a vintage bus and take a stroll around the famous cobbled streets. Come and join us for a fabulous weekend, try our 1940’s inspired menu and soak up the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.